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Robert Merced is a Great Handyman in Tampa Florida. With many talents, Robert offers a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

HandymanBobby’s  Handyman Service  works with many local homeowners as well as many out of state investors. Some of whom own many rental properties in Tampa Florida. We also offer commercial handyman services for Property Managers, Real Estate’s, Bank’s, HOA’s and Retailer’s.

What you should look for in a handyman.

Before you hire a handyman you should always take some time to do a little research. For your safety and your peace of mind there are a few things that you should always confirm before hiring  someone to work in your home. In my opinion,  before I hire a contractor and let him into my house and around my family I want to know as much as possible about him and his company. First I would ask for a current copy of his insurance policy. This is usually the best way to weed out the the fly by night uninsured handyman that you would usually find on Craigslist. Not that everyone on Craigslist is bad but nowadays you just have to be careful. Sometimes you will find contractors that  will give you  an estimate that seems to good top be true. Guess what most of the time it is to good to be true. Like they say you get what you pay for. Usually a person that is illegally soliciting work and posing as a legitimate contractor is a desperate person. For all you know they can just be out to rip you off. In my many years in the construction industry I have heard many horror stories about things that people posing as contractors have done to home owners. For instance they might ask for a large portion of  money upfront and then they try to justify it by claiming its for materials. Then once they have your money you never see them again. Sometimes these con artist are really good salesman, whom can appear to be the most clean cut and polished person that you have ever met.


10 Reasons why you should hire Bobby’s Handyman Service ?

  1. We carry a $2,000.000. dollar Insurance policy that is always current.
  2. We would be glad to provide you with a copy of our policy at your request.
  3. We have an ( A rating ) with the better business bureau and we are very proud of it.
  4. We don’t ask for money up front except in very rare situations.
  5. For your safety and protection, we will always show you our photo ID at your request.
  6. We have over 20 years of experience in construction and we are very good at what we do.
  7. We are a local family owned  business with very little overhead expenses and able to provide you with our very competitive rates.
  8. We are a very well known and respected company in Tampa FL and we have great references.
  9. We don’t send strangers or criminals to your home, we know all of our employees and affiliates and they are all carefully screened.
  10. We pride ourselves in being punctual and very responsible.

A good handyman is hard to find

Nowadays  a good handyman that is skilled  in the many areas of  the construction trade is sometimes hard to find in Tampa.  Especially now that the real estate market is booming and so many people are purchasing homes. Whether your a real estate investor or a first time home buyer there are so many incentives and  a massive inventory of homes and not to mention  historically low interest rates that makes this a great time to buy property. Once you have purchased your property your ready to start fixing it up to your liking. Whether you just want to repaint your home or even do a full size cosmetic renovation a handyman  has proven to be much more cost effective . If you come across a highly skilled handyman chances are he is extremely busy in today’s real estate market with so many people purchasing properties in Tampa. So as a word to the wise once you find a good handyman that you are comfortable with and that has proven to be a true professional and trust worthy, try your best to hold on to him as long as you need him.

Whether you are updating your homes decor or just cleaning your back yard ? A handyman can save you money.

A handyman can do many different types of  jobs such as assembling furniture or cosmetically renovating a home or office . In today’s fast paced society its sometimes difficult to find the time to actually read an entire manual and follow directions in order to put together a piece of  furniture. At times a small project can even become a very troublesome situation. If your not a handy person or if you just don’t have the right tools small projects can be very time consuming and just not worth the effort .  A good handyman has lots of experience  and carries enough tools to do almost any task that you would need done  in your home or place of business.


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